Michelle Perry-Roberts

Beauty From the Inside Out.


Why I Help People.

Everyone deserves to be the best they can be and I have found nothing more fulfilling than the satisfaction of helping others grow, become inspired, healthier and ultimatey change their lives.

Healthy to me means eating well, feeling strong and fit, being well rested, and feeling happy. Some things are beyond your own control, like genetics, and life happens, but other things are within your control. This is where you can try to manage your life to feel healthy.

When a person feels confident and great about themselves, I know I’ve done my job.


Transitioning with Major Life Adjustments

Health scares, divorce, changes in your family life. These are all traumatic experiences that can happen to anyone. I can help with the transition into a new chapter of your life with moral and emotional support.

Personal Shopping

When life goes sideways, the first thing that gets lost is your personal style. Bring that back in a big way with someone fun to shop with! Let me help you revitalize your closet, and help you remember what makes you happy.

Beauty and Health Consultant

Part of what keeps you feeling great is embracing your style in your beauty regiment as well, I love coaching women on what is needed, and how to apply it. Walk on the wild side, or embrace the natural look!

I Want to Help you Retain your Outlook and Style all while Embracing the most Vibrant you.

What Beauty Means To Me.

Beauty means embracing your inner passion, and letting yourself express it.
Beauty means embracing your flaws, laughing at yourself and having fun.
Beauty is a feeling, not a reflection....

"To me, beauty means being comfortable in your own skin, confident
and never afraid to be different."


Blog Posts

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